Moving to Clearwater, Florida, I read about a begonia that was a perennial. Coming from cold Massachusetts, I couldn't believe there was such a thing. The height of this plant was supposed to reach 7 feet! Again I was found that hard to believe. Well, I found one . The correct name is Begonia flamingo, also known as Begonia coccinea and the common name is Pink Angelwing Begonia. I planted it in a 18" container and it grew 4 feet tall within 4 months. This is such a beautiful plant with clusters of pink drooping flowers that bloom all year. This plant requires light to medium shade and once established will takes low water. It is very easy to propagate, just cut the tips and stick them in water. I have propagated over 20 plants from this one speciman. Try this plant out-in a shady nook in the garden or a container on a shaded patio-you won't regret it.