Growing Caladiums in Florida

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Caladiums are great plants to use in Florida. They are grown for their leaves which come in a variety of colors of red, pink white and green. These are amazing in their spectacular color and will brighten up a boring garden.

A little about their care and maintenance. Caladiums are grown from tubers ( a type of bulb). These can be planted in late winter and early spring. The other option is to purchase them already started in pots. Last week I saw 6-packs of them in Home Depot ready to go in the garden. Now here is the most important part about being successful with Caladiums......they can't be grown in full sun!!!!! Plant them in partial shade or full shade gardens. Do not allow them to get any direct sun in the middle of the day or the leaves will burn. When planting supplement the soil with some composted cow manure or peat moss to help retain the water.

After the heat of the summer, Caladiums will die down to the ground. At that point in the Fall, you can plant a cold tolerant annual on top of the tuber. In the Spring the tuber will sprout again and give you a summer full of beautiful foliage.

Caladiums look great when mixed with Begonias and New Guinea Impatiens and Sweet Potato Vine.