Outdoor Design Trends

Just as we have trends in Interior Design, we also have trends in Outdoor Design. Last January I attended the Tropical Plant International Expo in Ft. Lauderdale. This is a trade show for Retailers, Landscapers, Interior Landscapers and Wholesalers in the Tropical Plant Industry. Wow! It was so much fun! I got to see all the new varieties of houseplants, succulents, bromeliads as well as new pots and garden decor.

I was very interested in watching which booths got the most attention from the attendees. There were many pottery vendors ranging from brightly colored glazed stoneware to sleek modern composite pots created from stone and fiberglass. It was interesting to see that the buyers were all looking at the modern black, white and gray pots, not the vibrant blue, red, aqua stoneware. And this is Florida!!!

So this year, I ordered pots in these neutral colors and they were the ones that sold first! This type of modern pot has been seen inside office buildings with houseplants in them but now they have crept outside. Most are made of the new fiberglass and stone composite, but there are others that are made of glazed stoneware. There are even some plastic look alike pots that look like a stone pot.

When planting these pots, it is a good idea not to fill them entirely with soil. I usually put empty water bottles in the bottom so that the soil drains well and does not rot the roots.

Here are some pictures of some of these very cool pots in residential and commercial locations.