Spring Update to the Ultimate Guide to Planting Florida Container Gardens

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Spring has arrived and I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we got any winter! I feel totally cheated. Well, now as the temperatures are rising, we need to pick the correct plants for planting in our containers.

Warning! Warning!  Do not decide what to plant by what is available in the box stores. I was in Lowe’s the other day and found many plants that will die once we get 90 degree weather. Here is the list of “DO NOT PLANT” PLANTS: 

Osteospermum or African Daisies- Hate the heat!! Love Florida winters! 

Geraniums- These plants love the Florida winters and spring but once the rain and humidity comes, they melt!! 

Dianthus- These plants love the Florida winters but hate the heat.

Snapdragons- These lovely plants will perish in the heat of summer.

Delphiniums- Nope! Don’t do it!! Those gorgeous plants are peaking now but will go in a quick decline in the summer. Again, these are great winter annuals but once the rain and heat come, they melt away.

The reason I am putting out this list is because they are selling these NOW! You will go to all the work to plant and won’t get much more that 2 months out of them, if that. Therefore, it is important to look ahead to the warmer months and plant for those conditions. Picking the wrong plant because they are presented to you, does not make you a poor gardener or have a brown thumb. It is just lack of information. I owned a nursery for 23 years and we never put things out for sale that would not thrive at that season. Now it goes back to the old saying, “Buyer Beware!”

Here is the list of plants for containers that you can put out that will last into the summer with heat, humidity and rain.