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"Our backyard was a real disaster..." | CLIENT TESTIMONIAL

"Our backyard was a real disaster. With Hurricane Irma taking down one large tree leaving a giant stump, and our most majestic oak falling around a year later, we were pretty discouraged about having a yard that we could really utilize. Our yard backs up to a real jungle, with 100 foot bamboo, bananas and a steep embankment filled with many tropical plants. It is very serene and quiet but because it was overgrown and needed some terracing, and other work, we just could not use it.

“That’s when we called in Vicki Crocker from Victoria’s Bloomers. She definitely thought it was a challenging project!  First she listened to what we wanted and how we wanted to use the property. She designed a plan to include a lawn area, fire pit, plantings around the pool, raised garden beds and then naturalized areas with ferns and grasses that would fill in and be low maintenance.

“Once we approved the plan she got a landscape crew to put all the pieces together. They built two retaining walls, graded out the soil, put in irrigation, cut back or removed overgrown plants and stumps, built the raised beds and planted flowering trees and plants all over the property. 

“Now, we can come out in the yard and be around the pool or on the lawn in a hammock and truly enjoy the yard.  We have grown vegetables all winter and spring and have had social gatherings around the pool and fire pit. 

“Vicki regularly checks up on the job to make sure everything is doing well and keeps our shrubs and trees pruned and fertilized.

“We would recommend Victoria’s Bloomers for any landscape or garden project. “ 


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