Landscape Coaching

What exactly is Landscape Coaching? Here is my definition for it: it is giving a homeowner enough guidance, information and one-on-one instruction so that they can complete a landscape project correctly and enjoy the process of doing it.

Landscaping is a creative process and once the homeowner starts working on it and learning how to do it, they continue the creative process on their own. That is what I enjoy- seeing a person doing things on their own because they were inspired. Here is a testimonial and pictures from a Coaching job I did:

I wanted to improve the landscape in the front of my house (and make my wife happy). I also wanted to do it as cheaply as possible and if I could do the work myself, that would be great.

I was afraid I would do it wrong and kill all the plants so I hired Vicki Crocker of Victoria’s Bloomers to coach me through the job. She drew a plan for the front of the house and marked the planting beds and told me that the weeds and rocks had to be removed and gave me the specifications for the new soil, fertilizer and weed mat. I got all that done and decided to do some edging on my own which worked out great.

Once the planting beds were prepared, she picked out and delivered the plants and laid them out exactly where they should be planted. Then she gave me a demonstration on how to plant a few of them. I took over the job and got all the planting done.

She then returned to make sure everything was correct (which it was). I have had the plants in for 8 months and have not lost any!!! I am very happy with this Landscape Coaching because I learned a lot and was able to save a lot of money compared to hiring a landscaper. And it is done right!
— E. B.

Before and After